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B.I.S.E. Mardan S.S.C. Result Announced

Ufone Now in Sawal Dher

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About Sawal Dher

Sawal Dher is an historic village in Mardan District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan that contains the remains of an ancient city. The village is located 5 kilometers southwest of Jamal Garhi, most of the relics of this site are now in Lahore Museum. This site is situated at a distance of 4/5 kilometers in the southwest of Jamal Garhi. Most of the sculptures of this monastery are preserved in Peshawar and Lahore Museums. It is 19 km from the provincial capital Mardan.

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About Center for Information Sawal Dher
Is a group of young Sawaldherians gathered to investigate the history of Sawal Dher & to work for the development of Sawal Dher. Most of the CIS members are university graduates & are highly motivated. They are firmly committed to make the village a model for other villages & towns. The Web Development unit at CIS headed by Mr. Muhammad Aslam. History unit of CIS is ready to publish two books on Sawal Dher.

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